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About Counselling

There are times in our lives where we can find ourselves feeling down, anxious, or struggling with motivation. It could feel as though this has come from nowhere, or perhaps there has been a specific event or loss that is making it feel hard to cope. With all the pressures in life at the moment, there are times it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

I am an integrative-relational therapist, which means I use tools and techniques from many different theories to work with each person individually. I appreciate the importance of past events, and together we can work through these to see how they may be impacting you today.

Whether you have a specific goal to work on, such as building confidence, or something just doesn’t feel quite right, we can work on this together. You may be finding yourself feeling depressed, panicky, or perhaps struggling with a trauma and unsure where to turn. Together we can try to unpick what’s going on for you, and provide you with a confidential space to explore your feelings and difficulties. By looking at your past, as well as the here and now, we can collaborate to make links and aim to help you gain understanding, empowering you to find your own solutions.

My aim is to provide a safe, non-judgemental place for you to explore what has brought you to therapy, talk through the difficulties you are facing, and establish what you would like to gain from our work together. I offer

face-to-face counselling in Epsom and Ewell, and Zoom sessions. I also provide therapy via webchat (WhatsApp) and email (Egress).

Areas that I have worked on with clients include:        


Relationship/family issues

Eating disorders


Low self-esteem





Sexual issues

Sexual trauma

Chronic illness


Gender identity

Bereavement and grief


I facilitate both long-term and short-term work, and in our initial session we will discuss what you hope to gain from therapy, and the areas you would like to focus on.

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